"4 Nations Match"

in Frankreich

Termin: 16. bis 18. Mai 2014

Ort: Thionville

Class: HV 50m Rimfire (14lb maximum as per WBSF rules)

The 16th May is a practice day (The range will be open from 9:00am to 5:00pm.).

Details: 3 x cards on the 17th May as an individual competition, 3 x cards on the 18th May as a team competition.




Coordonnées GOOGLE:      111 route de Metz, 57100 Thionville

Folgendes funktioniert in meinem schei* GARMIN NAVI:

N 49°19'48.8"
O 006°09'03.7"

(49°19'48.8"N 6°09'03.7"E)

(49.330222, 6.151040)